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Climb Up the Stairs: 50 Staircase Mazes for Kids, Vol. 2

Climb Up the Stairs. Vol. 2 is a fun puzzle book for kids of all ages to sharpen their minds and test their problem-solving skills. This type of learning promotes attention and prevents mind wandering. Includes 50 Staircase and Tower shaped mazes to keep kids entertained for hours.

With Climb Up the Stairs, Vol. 2, kids can learn to anticipate their next move, predict upcoming difficulties, and decide the correct path to solve the puzzle. Expand your child’s mind and empower them to learn. Challenge their sense of direction without ever getting lost. 

So grab a pencil and get ready to take the first step on a journey through the most exciting staircase mazes around!

Book Details:

  • 50 unique, exciting, and challenging Staircase and Tower shaped mazes for kids.
  • 1 large maze per page.
  • 8 1/2" x 11": large format for making detailed colorful illustrations.
  • Each maze has a unique theme with characters and illustrations ready to be colored.
  • Examples of themes include: Help the astronaut climb up the stairs to his spaceship.
    Can you help the cute cat friends find each other?
    Help the farm girl climb up the stairs to her horse.
    Can you help the woodland beaver find their friend?
  • Single-sided coloring pages - kids can use a variety of coloring choices without fearing bleeding through.
  • Increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Solutions included at the end of the book.

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